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Hi There, Just like you, I used to suffer from type 2 diabetes. While my discovery was early with a diagnosis of onset diabetes, it threw me for a loop nonetheless. The constant thoughts of medicating and the results of my father and brothers death from diabetes were miserable. My sister and my niece with diabetes and now here I… Read More

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Hey, how’s it going? So since it’s Friday and you’re ready to get on with your weekend, I thought about a couple of things that have really been bothering me and wondered if you were having some difficulties rationalizing them too. This past week has been an eye opener for me. I learned that from… Read More


Good Day, I wanted to provide you some ideas and concepts of how you can obtain a greater yield on your purchase of fresh vegetables and fruits for juicing. Instead of doubling your grocery budget to accommodate natural food in conjuction with juicing, you can take the byproduct and make some delicious dishes. Below is… Read More


Hi, I hope you’re doing well this evening. I wanted to remind you about my webinar next Thursday on The Truth About Type 2 Diabetes. It’s not too late to sign up for this free, informative webcast where I will share some information that can help you understand what steps you can take to begin to reverse… Read More

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You’re cordially invited to a free online presentation of “The Truth About Type 2 Diabetes” This is an opportunity for you to learn valuable information about this disease and therapies used. Tune in and learn the answers to these questions . . . • What are the long-term risks associated with type 2 diabetes? •… Read More