So, conventional medical outfits and the infamous American Diabetes Association continue to insist that diabetes is incurable. The approach that many medical research and development corporations (note the use of the word corporation) take is to utilize toxic compounds and chemical derivatives of processed components to find a synthetic solution. The absolute truth to this… Read More


In 1550 BC, the famous Ebers Papyrus advised treating diabetes with high fiber plants and legumes. Not much has changed since then. Plant foods are the TRUE drug of choice for treating diabetes. There are large numbers of scientific research findings to confirm the effectiveness of plant foods in managing this disease. Through the centuries,… Read More


With my previous post The Primary Cause Of Your Diabetes I provided you with a specific details surrounding your situation aside from the genetic markers that would otherwise predispose you to the condition. In this post, I will take you a little bit deeper into the root symptoms as well as the “cause and effects”… Read More


While there are a great many natural foods to choose from as a diabetic, there are a few that may warrant a little bit more of your attention. Brewer’s Yeast Brewer’s yeast is a wonder food. It is rich in traces of mineral chromium. This mineral helps the pancreas produce more insulin. It is one… Read More

By now I would hope that most diabetics would concede and realize that what you’ve been doing as far as your diabetes medication is forcing your quality of life to deteriorate. You should be angry and afraid with the high dose medicines containing different chemicals, which have severe side effects like head reeling, shivering, tiredness, dizziness and… Read More


Unexpected sight loss is more common than you may think. Blindness often happens without prior warning signs and in people unaware they are at risk. The two most common culprits of unexpected sight loss are diabetes and glaucoma. These diseases are known as the “sneak thieves of sight” because symptoms may not occur in the… Read More


Here are my six degrees of action to take for increasing your insulin sensitivity, thus reducing your chances for developing diabetes or reversing it if you already have the disease: 1st Degree Exercise Exercise is an absolutely essential factor, and without it, you’re unlikely to get this devastating disease under control. It is one of… Read More

Diabetic Body

Does she look familiar to you? Can anyone guess who this extraordinary creature is? Well, if you suffer with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, I’m sure that you have no knowledge of who “she” is…so I will do what your endocrinologist and primary care physician won’t…I’ll tell you and give you some background on… Read More

Good day, Have you ever heard the expression: “You can’t continue to do the same thing and expect a different result?” As you navigate the world of vast information and tactics on how to cope, deal and treat your diabetes, there is usually that one area of your life that is almost unaffected….your eating strategy.… Read More